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The development of customers on the basis of the company's strategy, relying on the mature process, to provide information on the overall planning, implementation path, selection of elements, technical standards and other comprehensive planning information for the customer, the customer can become information can help landing operation


Provide a full range of information design and development services, including software requirements analysis, system design, code development, system testing, deployment, and demand analysis, hardware network architecture design, construction, testing, deployment of weak environment implementation. With many years of experience in the industry, the whole process of flow and standardization


In a standardized ITIL, the entire service desk - line support - second tier Engineer - senior consultant level, to the customer's existing software systems, hardware networks, desktop computers to provide services in line with the requirements of SLA

DF - Starting point for your next IT project!


Define the real needs, define the scope and objectives, and specify the conditions


The requirements are analyzed scientifically and the principles and design are given in strict predefined steps


According to the analysis and design, to achieve the scope and objectives by reasonable technical means

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